BitLife Mod Apk (Purchased Bitizenship) 2.5

NameBitLife Mod Apk
RequiresAndroid 4.4 and up
Last UpdatedJune 24, 2021
Play StoreLink
MOD FeaturesPurchased Bitizenship

About BitLife Mod Apk

BitLife is a life simulation game where you are free to make your life according to you. The game throws you into the virtual world of the game. And you have to live your virtual life, called BitLife, thereby making the right choices. BitLife Mod Apk offers you a chance where you can forget all the bad memories of your past and start a new virtual life, according to you.

The game gives you complete freedom to choose the direction of your life. It all depends on you how you want to live your life in the game. You can live your life the best or the worst. You can get into the world of crime, find a love partner, start a family, have kids, and do a lot more. The choices will decide how your life will be, and there will always be a different ending to your story.

Gameplay of BitLife

The gameplay of BitLife Apk is very simple. In the game, you start playing as a child to whom you have to give name, age, gender, and even nationality. Besides this information, you will also see the basic indictors of that child. These indicators such as Happiness, Health, Looks, and more will play a significant role in your virtual life. Later on, the child will go to school and do a lot more.

However, the choice will always be yours. You can make decisions about what you want to do in your life. Also, you can choose a path that will decide your journey and your end. After schooling, when you get an adult in the game, you can select your profession. The game BitLife Mod Apk allows you to earn money and make your own family. Besides, your story in the game also depends on your luck. The game includes several game elements where you have to be lucky enough to get the best results in the game. The success probability of your cosmetic surgeries, your proposal, and more depends on your luck.

You can even win lotteries in the game that can make you a billionaire. You can be a billionaire, a family person, or a criminal too. The consequences are always there for all the activities you do in the game. There are several indicators included in the game, which are Happiness, Health, Looks, and Smart. You have to look upon these indicators for better opportunities in the game.


In the BitLife Apk, management is the key. When you become an adult in the game, you will earn money. With this, you will have to learn to manage your finances in the game. You can invest your money in real estate, buy cars, open a company and even waste your money in casinos, and the choice is yours. If you want to buy a property, you need to cross a certain age limit in the game and then be eligible to buy a property. You can manage your properties from the main menu bar.

Travel in Time

The most exciting feature of Bitlife Mod Apk is that it allows you to travel in time. It includes a time machine feature with which you can travel to the past and change some of your decisions. In contrast to the real world, you can always change your past actions for better results in the game. This feature will help you to find the love of your life and even make a better life for yourself.

Design and Look

The game scores good points in terms of Design and Look. And this is because of its unique design and look. It does not require high-quality 3D graphics or detailed animations or effects. Instead, you will enjoy the game just like enjoying a book. The game looks like a diary where your memorable moments will be listed after you select different decisions.

Mod Features

  • Purchased Bitizenship/God Mode

If you want to experience the gameplay with ease and more excitement, try the Bitlife Mod Apk. In the Mod Apk, you will get the Purchased Bitizenship and God Mode, with which you can make your gameplay easy and more enjoyable.