FaceApp Mod Apk (PRO Unlocked)

NameFaceApp Mod
PublisherFaceApp Inc
RequiresAndroid 5.0 and up
Last UpdatedJuly 6, 2021
Play StoreLink
MOD FeaturesPRO Unlocked

About FaceApp Mod Apk

Have you ever wonder how celebrities look so charming every time in their photos? Do they really have such smooth and wrinkle-free skin? The answer is NO! They just edit their pictures with some professional photo editing tool like FaceApp Mod Apk. FaceApp is an AI photo and video editing tool that can convert your simple selfie photos to professional ones. Its advanced AI system makes it one of the best photo editing App in the world.

Uploading photos on social media is in trend and very common these days. So, in this competitive world of fashion and glamour, you always have to look perfect before your audience. Only Make-up is not enough to make you look iconic; you need a professional photo editor app to make your pictures look iconic. And FaceApp Pro Apk can help you to do the same. It offers you a large number of unique editing features with an advanced AI system.

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Advanced Features of FaceApp

FaceApp Mod Apk has become one of the most downloaded apps all over the world. Thanks to its advanced AI system that gives you the best results every time. You can make adjustments to your pictures; you can adjust facial details along with a lot of fun features. FaceApp Pro Apk is not limited to just cropping, rotating, and adding filters. Even you can enjoy a lot more advanced features such as Impression filters, gender change, safe change, minimize or maximize facial features, add makeup, add hairstyles, and a lot more. Unlike most other photo editing apps, FaceApp offers advanced video editing features also. You can apply filters and make them look mesmerizing.

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Photo Editing

FaceApp Mod Apk comes with many editing features that you will enjoy a lot. You might be thinking about what special features make it one of the top-rated apps for android. Photo Editing is not limited to just rotating, cropping, or applying filters. If you want your photos to look professional, like celebrities, you need more advanced features. However, there many professional photo editing tools available in the market, but they require professional knowledge to use them. So, FaceApp Pro Apk is here to help you. It comes with an advanced AI system that automatically makes your photos iconic.

Besides, the app offers you a lot more editing options that you can use to make your photo look better and even hilarious for fun. You can add smiles, beards, or mustaches to your face, change your hair color and hairstyle, add makeup and filters, use light effects, remove wrinkles, acne, and blemishes, resize your facial features, etc. Some additional features of FaceApp Apk include adding volume to the hairs, color lens, adjust temperatures, saturation, Hue balance, and much more.

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Video Editing

FaceApp Pro Mod Apk also allows you to edit your videos. So, you don’t have to install two different apps for photo and video editing. The filters you were using for photo editing, now you can use them in your videos also. You can use them in your existing videos as well as use them for live-action editing.

Unique Features

It is the unique features of FaceApp Mod Apk that made it worldwide famous. The most impressive part of the app is its AI that can automatically adjust and change the look of your photo in a most realistic manner. Besides a massive number of filters, the FaceApp Apk offers you many more features. It includes the Gender Swap option, Aging feature, Photo Morphing, Face Swap, Weight Filters. Including all this, you can also see how your future kids look like. Also, it allows you to take a scene from your favorite movie and put your face in it. Now, you can swap a movie character with yourself.


  • PRO Unclocked

FaceApp Apk comes with a Pro version that includes some additional features. To access these features, you need to buy a subscription. But with the FaceApp Mod Apk, you can access all the FaceApp Pro Apk features for free.