Foxynite Mod Apk 1.3.2 (High Defense)

NameFoxynite Mod
RequiresAndroid 5.0 and up
Last UpdatedAugust 8, 2019
MOD FeaturesHigh Defense

About Foxynite Mod Apk

Foxynite is a role-playing android game that takes you to the world of desires and action. The game is especially for those who want to experience adventurous games with some naughtiness. In Foxynite Mod Apk, you will find some hot playable girls characters that look stunning seductive. The game allows you to change their skin, clothes, and hair. Foxynite is designed so that its hots girls can steal every man’s heart in no time. If you are the kind of person who doesn’t like these types of adult games, this game is not for you! Else you are free to install it and enjoy playing with its beautiful, seductive hot girls.

Besides fun and naughtiness, the game also includes a storyline that the game follows. In the game, humanity is about to end, and devils monsters are ruling over the world. Now, the innocent, hot girls have to save the earth from evil monsters. Besides, you can adjust and manage different girls according to your requirements. The game gets massive success because of its unique and attractive gameplay. The game is developed by Nutaku, a Chinese developer who is well-known for creating games of this category. 

Features of Foxynite

It is not just its hot and attractive girls that made the game famous worldwide. The features of the Foxynite Mod Apk are also one of the significant factors behind the success of this game. The features that players love the most include its gameplay that is full of action, adventure, and naughtiness, Ally with your friends to enjoy more with them, various fighting skills sets which includes martial arts actions, and the regular updates, which always offers better performance and more excitement than before. So, these were the key features of the game. Besides, Foxynite comes with a lot more features that attract most of the players. These features include its hot and seductive girls whom you can see fighting with evil monsters in the game. Also, the game environment and the graphics are very detailed and take the players’ excitement to the next level.

Gameplay of Foxynite

If we talk about the gameplay of the game, then the game has very attractive gameplay. Any man can easily get addicted to its gameplay. The gameplay is easy but exciting to play, and it offers action with the flavor of naughtiness to the players. And this is the best of the game. In the game, you can control a group of girls from an Organization called Factions. These girls have some special powers that make them fight with the evil monsters trying to rule over the world. All you have to do is to select a character, adjust and manage it according to you and get ready to fight the monsters to save the world. The game is the perfect combination of naughtiness and action that offers players extreme fun.

foxynite third

Ally With Your Friends

The excitement gets doubled when you play a game with your friends. Right? So, the game comes up with a new feature for the players, allowing players to play with their friends. With this new feature, you can invite your friends and build an alliance with them to fight against the most dangerous and unbeatable monsters. You can use your powers with your friends and save the world from these evil monsters together. So, this can be the best option to spend some fun time with your friends.

More Features of Foxynite

The game has a lot more features that make it one of the most addictive games ever. Foxynite Mod Apk includes four different types of skill sets, which you can improve as the gameplay proceeds. The more you play the battles, the more you develop the skills of your character. Besides, the game includes regular updates that help you to play the game effortlessly every time.


  • Mod Menu
  • High Stats Pets/Drones
  • Weaker Enemies
  • Health Multiplier (x0-x100 Free Choosable)
  • Defense Multiplier (x0-x100 Free Choosable)
  • Attack Multiplier (x0-x100 Free Choosable)

The Modded version of Foxynite Apk allows you to take some advantage. You can enjoy all of the features that are mentioned above. These features will surely make your gameplay better, and you will be able to perform better with ease.

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