Super Mario Run Mod Apk 3.0.22 (All Unlocked)

NameSuper Mario Run Mod
PublisherLtd, Nintendo Co.
RequiresAndroid 4.4 and up
Last UpdatedMarch 24, 2021
Play StoreLink
MOD FeaturesAll Unlocked

About Super Mario Run Mod Apk

Super Mario is one of the most popular PS games that is loved by millions of people. The popularity of the game made Super Mario an iconic character for all time. We remember Mario in red and blue clothes, running and jumping, clearing obstacles to complete the level. Similar to that game, Super Mario Run Mod Apk has pretty much the same gameplay. But this time, you will find your hero, Mario, on an endless journey. You have to control Mario by tapping on it while he is constantly running. You can make Mario jump and d other actions such as wall jumps and midair spins. So, you can use these actions to collect coins while running. Super Mario Run Apk offers you different game modes to play on. 

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Super Mario Run Game Modes

Do you know what makes a game addictive? It is the variety in different aspects of the game that attracts most of the players. So, Super Mario Run Mod Apk comes with different game modes with different challenges and difficulties. The makers of the game ensured that players would not get bored easily with the game. So, they added variety in game modes with different tasks and difficulties for players. The game modes are World Tour, Remix 10, Toad Rally, and Kingdom Builder.

World Tour

If you love games that follow a great story, then this mode is for you. Bowser has captured Princess Peach, and now you have to help Mario to save her from his clutches. Super Mario will have to run through different situations, Plains, Airships, Castles, Ghost houses, and more in this mode. And for that, you will have to clear the various courses while collecting different types of coins. Later, you will have to defeat Bowser, who is waiting for you in his castle. This mode of Super Mario Run Mod Apk offers difficulties with a lot of excitement.

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Remix 10

Another exciting mode of the game, Remix 10, includes short courses. Here, the sole objective of the players will be to find Daisy. She is lost somewhere in the mode, and you have to find her while clearing obstacles. This game mode consists of 1o short courses. After you complete one course, you will get to another. The courses of the game change whenever you play them.

Toad Rally

This mode is the best mode for the players who are willing to show their skills to the world. Super Mario gives you a chance to show what you have got. In this mode, players can compete against other online players of the world. And try to make the highest score by collecting more coins. Also, you will have to fill the gauge by performing cool moves. And this will make you enter the Rush Mode, where you can collect more coins than usual. All you need is an impressed crowd of Toads. Once you win in this mode, the cheering Toads will come to your place for a living. And it will help your kingdom grow.

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Kingdom Builder

Kingdom Builder is another mode of the game, Super Mario Run. It somehow depends on the previous mode, Toad Rally. The sole objective in the game is to build the best kingdom. And for that, you will have to combine buildings and decorations to make a great kingdom. And to do the same, you can collect tons of items in the game. Also, Toads are going to help you a lot. And more Toads means more buildings and decorations. So, try to collect more toads in Toad Rally, and they will help you to build up your fabulous and unique kingdom.


  • All Unlocked

In the Super Mario Run Mod Apk, you will get automatically unlocked everything. With this Apk, you don’t need to purchase all Worlds to enjoy the exclusive features of the game. The Mod Apk allows you to play all courses of World Tour Mode. Additionally, there will be more playable characters, more courses in Toad Rally, more decorations and buildings in Kingdom Builder. Besides, getting Rally tickets will be more accessible, and also, you will be able to play Remix 10 without waiting for so long.